Month End Melee

Month End Melee - October 2022

31 members turned out on a pretty decent day for the end of October to take part in the Month End Melee.

Play was soon underway with some pretty close fought games. The results at the end of this round showed Jim and Liz in joint first place. Kevin dropped a game so that put him and Jim neck and neck in the overall stakes.

Round two saw Jim and Liz lose their games and Sue Burnett win hers to take the lead overall. Kevin won his game which put him back in the lead for the year. Exciting stuff.

Round three and lots of hard fought games in this round. Harry and Ken thought they'd done enough against their opponents Paddy and Jackie when they scored a six at one end but the ladies hung in there and ended up winners of the game 13 - 9. An exciting game to watch.

Final scores at the end of the melee were as follows

In 3rd place with 3 wins and +19 was Tony M who scores 5 points.
in 2nd place with 3 wins and +21 was David K who scores 6 points
And in 1st place with a magnificent 3 wins and +25 was Sue Burnett who scores 7 points. Congratulations to Sue B.


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For the first time in a while there was a fanny score and the proud recipient was Irene. Her partner was nowhere to be seen for the photo opportunity. Oh well.


Today's results leave Kevin just a point ahead of Jim. Christine W is in third place in the Month End Melee competition for 2022. Two more rounds to go. Kevin and Jim aren't totally out of site of the chasing bunch. A couple of bolts of lightning and some inspired play in the final two rounds could see the final result very different indeed.



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