Month End Melee

Month End Melee - September 2022

Twenty five members turned out on this sunny Monday, but a nithering breeze was evident.

Before the melee began, Harry announced that as a 'Thank you' to all the members who played in the West Yorkshire League competition this year, would be presented with a specially embroidered boules towel, in red. Ian announced all the names of players, who stepped forward to proudly accept their personalised towel.

The first game then got underway........
After the first game, the front runners were Ken and Chris H on +12

The second game produced a fanny score, the lucky trophy winners being Ken and Shirley. How the Heck-mondwike did that happen? Fewer people had accumulated two wins and favourites now were Chris H on +19 with Ruth 1 point behind

Round three and two members had dropped out leaving the rest to fight it out. As this round progressed it became apparent that only Ruth had managed three wins putting her in the favourite spot to win. But Chris H was still playing, partnered by Harry. Chris had two wins under his belt and needed a third to be in with a chance of beating Ruth. It was a tall order, because his game started by going behind 0 - 8 before finally managing to score a 2 to remove the chance of a fanny. Chris and Harry were playing Lucy and Irene, and what a formidable pair they were. Gradually Harry made several cracking shots to clear out the opposing boules allowing Chris to point in to score. The ends were amazing and boules were crowded around the coche making it a marathon game. Chris was one point behind Ruth and needed to win this game by a minimum of 2 points to ensure victory for the Month End Trophy. At the last end, Harry put in a close boule to the coche which the girls couldn't match, which only left one more boule to take the game at 13 - 11. This was achieved and this superb game ended a long time after everyone else had gone for their tea and biscuits.
The final results were....

In third place with 2 wins and +20 was Kevin who receives 4 points
In second place with 3 wins and +20 was Ruth who receives 6 points
And in top spot this month with 3 wins and +21 was Chris H who receives 7 points.

Ian presented Chris with the trophy. Well played Ruth. You came so close.

Harry Overend

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At the three-quarter stage of the 2022 month End Melee competition the lead has swapped over again with Kevin just nudging Jim into second place and Harry and Christine W in joint third position.



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